My name is Brenda Benoit and I love taking pictures of what people eat. I am a foodie because I love to cook, eat and I adore the smell of garlic & onions gently sauteing in a pan with olive oil & butter. I love the chemistry of cooking. The sound of it. I appreciate the care of preparing something your family will smile & lick plates and smack lips because of sheer delight…I adore the colours of food, like flowers and pure art on a plate. I love the dark, rich, delicious, exciting flavours of the things we ingest to keep us alive….If I do not take a picture of a food, how would it be preserved after it is eaten? I am crazy about deeply transformational food experiences, the beautifulness of it….and remember if you eat interesting things, then you really are what you eat 🙂

4 comments on “About”

  1. Brenda- I am the Marketing Director for the Corporate office and would love a printable copy of your article on Woody’s Miami so i can have it mounted for that location. Can you email me one at tammy@woodysbarbq.com?

    Tammy Poudrier
    Director of Marketing
    904-992-0556 ex 30

  2. you take beautiful pictures of a subject I love. Appreciate you stopping by food for fun for the bananarama–thanks.

  3. I love looking at food!

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